What: The 4th Annual Military Daddy Daughter Dance

Who:  Military Dads and Daughters of all branches and ranks.  This event is open to active duty, guard, reserve, wounded and veteran fathers and their daughters.

Required:  Military ID or VA card-You must bring your identification if you are a service member or male military spouse for entry into the ballroom.

Where:  Location information will be shared once you RSVP.  The safety and security of our military families is very important to us.  

Date:  TBD-Pending on Donations from the community (Normally a Saturday or Friday night)

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: Free

Registration is required via this link: LINK COMING SOON!  We hope to raise the F&B Costs needed for this huge event (Cupcake Funds) - When we do we'll e-mail blast the link to past dance dads, via FRG's, AFRC's, Key Spouses etc.

The mission of the Father Daughter Dance is to provide a quality, memorable and wholesome event for Military fathers and daughters from 2-18 years of age. The purpose of the evening is quite simple; to provide a forum in which a positive, encouraging, healthy, supportive and engaging father-daughter relationship can be cultivated and her sense of value and worth established. This type of father-daughter relationship is crucial in a young lady's life. We know you might have many questions about the 4th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance as you prepare for a fun night out with your little girl!

Who can attend?
This dance is for Daughters and their Fathers (or Father-figures). Daughters must be dependents of either Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retirees or Veterans. All branches of service and ranks are welcomed.

If Dad is Deployed or Cannot Attend what do I do?
Other than dad, escorts must be at least 15 years or older. They do not need to be an active duty member. For example an uncle, big brother, grandfather or mother could step in for a deployed, on a remote, fallen or absentee father. We encourage moms to fill in for those deployed/fallen.

What do I need to bring?
Military ID or VA Card is required for entry into the dance.

Why ages 2-18?
This dance is geared towards girls ages 2-18 years and their fathers. Absolutely NO strollers are allowed in the ballroom and we have VERY limited booster seats and high chairs. If you feel your daughter is too young to participate in dancing, crafts, games etc. then please wait to register her for next year’s dance. It's not like we are going to check ID's to make sure everyone is 2 years old.  If your daughter is 18 months, walking and you think can participate in this event then sign her up!  If you daughter is in college 19 years + sign her up.  We've had older veterans bring their daughters who have been 40 years old.  No daughter will be turned away no matter what age she is.  All veterans and daughters are welcome!  We are just letting you know the crafts, games etc are geared towards those age 2-18.

When does the dance start?
The doors open at 6:00pm

When does the dance end?
The dance ends at 9:00pm. The last dance is at 8:58pm.

What is the theme for this year’s dance?
Mad Hatter/Alice and Wonderland!  The Queen of Hearts, Alice and the Mad Hatter will be joining us for the entire 3 hours of the dance!  

Timeline of the Night
Dads and Daughters can arrive anytime during the evening. We will not open the doors til 6:00pm. So there is no need to arrive early.  We know many of our active duty Dads have work on weekends and need to get home to change and then travel down to the strip where our event is located.  This is a very casual event and you will not be late whenever you arrive.  If you can try to arrive by 6:45/7pm that would be ideal. We have our amazing honor guard, singing of the national anthem and a special surprise. If you arrive after 7:15pm do not worry as there will be lots of surprises and sweets throughout the night. Please note that because of this large event we will not be serving a full dinner. We will provide a sweets buffet only for all guests!  We suggest eating at home prior to the dance or you might want to check out one of the many restaurants in the hotel.

  • 6:00pm-Doors Open

  • 6:00pm-Each Father/Daughter will get a portrait photograph before entering the ballroom.

  • 6:00-9:00pm-Dessert Bar will be open all night

  • 6:00-9:00pm-Crafts, Games, Professional Photos and Royal Croquet (Mini Golf) will be open all night

  • 6:45pm-Honor Guard

  • 6:46pm-Singing of The National Anthem

  • 6:48-Surprise

  • 8:00pm-Raffle Prize Winners Announced

  • 8:00pm-Cinderella, Bell, Elsa and other Disney Princesses will arrive

  • 8:01pm-9:00pm-Distribution of Toys for Daughters as they exit the dance

  • 8:58pm-Last Dance

  • 9:00pm-Dance Ends

Why does this event "Sell Out" each year?
Due to space considerations, there is a limit to the number of tickets available.

What is the dress code for this event?
Service Dress/Class A for Active Military;
• Air Force: Service Dress or Mess Dress
(Most E7 and above will wear Mess and E6 and below will wear Service Dress)
• Army: Class A
• Coast Guard: Service Dress Blue
• Marine Corps: Service Dress Blue “B”
• Navy: Service Dress Blue
• Coalition Troops: Formal Dress
Civilian dress code is coat and tie. Gentlemen, this is the perfect opportunity to look your most dashing for an evening with your lovely lady that she will never forget. 99% of all Active Duty, Guard or Reserve Service Member will be wearing their Service or Mess Dress.  If due to the nature of your work (security reasons) and you need to wear civilian dress that is fine.  No dress code is mandatory you wear what you want to wear.  Cocktail dresses for mothers who are filling in for deployed, fallen or absentee fathers. Daughters will wear a dress.  Dress Styles have varied every year please do not go bankrupt purchasing a dress your daughter will only wear for 3 hours.  Many of you will find a dress already in your daughters closet (church dress) other families might want to purchase something with a little more bling other girls might wear their princess dress up outfit!  The choice is yours!  Local consignment and thrift shops usually have a great selection of dresses as well as your local Burlington Coat Factory stores/malls etc. If your daughter is wearing brand new shoes you might want to break them in a day or two before the dance. (We will have band aids on hand in case of any blisters that might arise from all the dancing!)

What if we cannot afford a dress or shoes for our daughter? 
Please email us at vfwdaddydaughterdance@gmail.com to make discreet arrangements to borrow a dress and or shoes.  When you e-mail us please do not forget to include the dress and shoe size for your daughter.  We've had several volunteers and past Daddy Daughter Dance families offer up to lend their daughters dresses, some have even sponsored to buy a new dress for a military family in need so don't be shy to ask!

What can we expect from the evening?
First and foremost you can expect to have a uniquely unforgettable evening with your daughter, filled with memories that she (and you) will treasure for a lifetime in a CLEAN*, safe and wholesome environment. As a “CLEAN” event the presence of alcohol, drugs, tobacco and/or the use of cigarettes or e-cigarettes is NOT permitted.

I am a mother/grandmother of an attending father and daughter. Can I come and stand on the sidelines to observe?
While we appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity for this event –MOTHERS/GRANDMOTHERS ARE NOT PERMITTED – NOT EVEN BRIEFLY (The only Mothers who will be attending the dance will be filling in for those Deployed or Fallen). Sorry ladies – this night is about your husbands and daughters relationship; it’s not about you. We’re sure you wouldn’t appreciate your daughter tagging along on your anniversary night out with you husband – so let’s not infringe on her night out either.

Are you a Deployed/Remote or Single Mom?

We hope you the Mother will step in and attend this special night with your daughter(s).  We are big believers just because a father is away deployed in a foreign country, on TDY, can't attend due to work or if there is no father figure in your daughters life we hope you will sign up to attend this special evening.  We have assigned seating at the dance and all mothers will be seated together.  This will show all the little girls that they are not alone and that other girls are attending with their mothers too.

Will professional pictures be provided?
Yes, we have 12 professional photographers who will be taking pictures of each father/daughter as they arrive at the dance. There is NO charge to you for these photos. We also have 9 action photographers who will be taking photos throughout the night. Images will include dancing, dinning, crafts and games. We ask that families give our professional and action photographers enough time to upload and color correct your family's photos. All photos will be uploaded from the Daddy Daughter Dance no later than 15 days following the dance. A link to view these images will be sent to you via email. Many photos will be uploaded prior to the 15 days but please give each photographer time to upload images as they are so gracious to donate their services for this year’s dance. There will also be 2 photo booths so every Daddy/Daughter will be able to take a photo home with them from this year’s dance.

What if I do not like to dance?
There will be several activities for dads and daughters besides dancing. There will be games, crafts, photos, sweets and other activities. If your daughter dances but you do not, there will be several guided dance opportunities (the limbo, hokey pokey, YMCA, chicken dance etc.)

Will there be anyone able to assist me with my daughter or daughters at the dance? 
Yes, we have over 200 volunteers to assist all Dads and Daughters at the dance. Volunteers for example could help watch daughters at the table if Dad's need a potty break, will help dance with daughters, help carry plates from the dessert buffet line to the table and will be available to assist with any other needs that might arise. Whatever you need we are here to assist you! Please don't be shy and ask one of our great volunteers to assist your family!

I have a teenager should I sign up my husband and daughter or is this dance mostly for little girls?
This dance is geared for daughter’s 2-18 years in age. While we have a lot of daughters who are 12 and under we encourage our teens to sign up to attend the dance with their fathers. We seat all of our teenage daughters and dads together so they will not be surrounded by little girls. In addition we have a special teen area as well as a Scavenger hunt for these teen dads and daughters to participate in. There will be special prizes for those who finish the scavenger hunt the quickest!

Should my husband get my daughter a corsage to wear at the dance?
You certainly could pick up a corsage for your daughter to wear at the dance. This is really a personal choice. At last year's dance I'd say about 25% of the girls had corsages.  We find if you order a corsage at your local grocery store (like Albertsons or Smith's) it ends up being cheaper than an actual florist.

Is there a raffle at the dance this year?
Yes, when each Dad and Daughter arrive at the dance they will each receive one raffle ticket per person. There will be a wall of raffle prizes geared for Daughters ages 2-18 years in age and Dad/Family Raffle gift baskets too. The dads and daughters will place their raffle ticket in the coordinating bag for the raffle basket they want to win. Winners will be chosen at 8:00pm.

I own a small business or know a homemade business who would want to donate toward the raffle what type of items are you looking for? 
We are looking for raffle basket geared towards a Father, Family or Daughter valued at $25 or more.  Our biggest need is Dad and Family style Raffle Baskets. We are grateful for any and all donations.  If you are interested in donating please email us at

Special Needs and Wounded Warrior Accommodations for the dance

To assist our special needs children and Wounded Warriors these families will be allowed to enter the ballroom at 5:45pm (15 minutes early). This will prevent these families from waiting in line for registration and photos. As part of the registration process please let us know of any other needs you or your family might have (Example: Wheelchairs, dietary needs, Please sit us far away from DJ Speakers-no loud noises etc.)

Do the Dads and Daughters receive a gift? 
Yes, each daughter will take home a gift at the end of the dance!



  • $1,500.00:  For a $1,500 donation we can cover some of the costs of Food & Beverage along with Linen Rentals.  Through your kind donation your business will be provided a 6 foot table, linens and 2 chairs.  At your table you can hand out any literature for your business/non profit.  We will also provide  an opt in for our military families to receive e-mails from your business.
  • $600.00:  For a $600 donation we can cover the costs of the Royal Croquet Rental
  • ​$400.00:  For a $400 donation we can cover the costs of our Alice and Wonderland Game Rentals
  • $250.00:  For a $250 donation we can cover the cost of a table for 10 Gold Star Widows and their daughters or 10 Deployed Moms and their daughters


We are looking for corporate and individual sponsors willing to help contribute to the cost of this free event for our local military families.  We are incurring costs for our sweets table, drinks games, crafts, decor and linen rentals for our ballroom space.  All donations are tax deductible. 
Checks should be made out to VFW Post 12101 and mailed to:  VFW Post 12101; 1937 Williamsport St;  Henderson, Nevada 89052​

At the dance we know all little girls and dads need a break from dancing so there will be over 10 craft stations at this years dance.  If you might have any of the items listed below in your craft closests or are willing to donate we'd love your support!  The following donations are needed (1,000 items/crafts are needed per station).

  • Card Stock-Red, White, Pink, Lavendar & Purple (500 sheets each); 

  • Foam Princess Crowns; (1,000-most needed craft donation item)

  • Foam Stickers-Hearts, Stars, Adhesive Jewels;

  • ​Foam Door Knob Hangers; (1,000-most needed craft donation)

  • ​Foam Alphabet Letters-stickers;

  • Pencils-Girly Designs; (1,000)

  • Large popsicle sticks; (1,000)

  • Tootsie Roll Pops (1,000)

  • Business Size Envelopes for welcome letters/raffle tickets to be included (500 envelopes needed-bright solid primary colors-not white). 

One of the items we always struggle collecting enough donations of are the princess foam crowns that you can order via Oriental Trading-http://www.orientaltrading.com/diy-princess-crown-kit-a2-57_2412.fltr?keyword=foam+princess+crowns.  For those of you who asked what craft item we need most it would be the crowns!  We always struggle each year to get enough donations!  However any and all craft donations are needed and appreciated.  As the dance date approaches I'll be sure to keep you updated on what needs we might still have.  We will have a drop off location on Nellis AFB and up in the Northwest.  We will need all craft donations provided 24 hours prior to the dance date.  There is no set number of donated items for you to provide.  If it's 1 tootsie roll pop or 100 tootsie roll pops you can donate we will be grateful for anything you can provide.  With many volunteer and community donors I'm sure we'll have enough donations to provide enough crafts for each military daughter!

Volunteers must be 15 years or older to assist at the dance.  Volunteers must be available from 5pm-9:30pm and the dance is from 6-9pm and all volunteers must arrive 1 hour prior and plan to stay 30 minutes after for clean up.  If you wish to volunteer you MUST fill out this link: http://snmf.formstack.com/forms/volunteer 

​We look for professional or novice photographers willing to donate their services for our military daddy daughter dance.  Your responsibility will to be take phots throughout the night.  A photo link will be provided for you to upload your images 15 days prior to the dance so the families can grab their images there.  You will have the 15 days after the dance to upload, color correct images, crop etc.  We appreciate any photographers willing to donate their services for this event please let us know if you are interest ing taking Portrait Photos (all dads/daughters will get a couple/prom like image as they walk into the dance or if you  only want to be an action photographer)! To sign up a volunteer photographer you must sign up here: 
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Will bring their own cameras, photo back drops, backdrop stands, chairs/stools, photo props (We have extra backdrops if anyone needs to borrow)
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS: Will make sure daughters are staring at the camera smiling, hair and dresses are laying correctly etc. If the professional photographer does not have their own assistant we will provide one for them.
ACTION PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Only need to bring their own camera.  They will walk around throughout the night taking photos of the Dads/Daughter Dancing, Dining, Playing Games, Making Crafts, Taking Photos in the photo booth etc.


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