Operation Boots and Booties

Expecting and New Mom Information 

Who can apply?

Service women and or military spouses who reside in Nevada and are expecting a baby between July 1, 2017-June 31, 2018.   A Military ID or VA Card is required to attend.

Who do we assist?
Operation Boots and Booties assists our Southern Nevada Military and their families.  Active Duty, Guard, Reserve (E1-E6 ranks), Wounded Warriors, and Veteran Families of all branches of service are assisted at this annual shower. Deployed, Remote, Wounded, Fallen and Mothers expecting Multiples are highly encouraged to register for the shower. Higher ranking families will be assisted on a space available basis.

How Do I Apply?            
By visiting 

When is the deadline to sign up?
30 Days prior to shower date

When is the shower date?
TBD-November 2017

What time is the shower?
4-6pm; Doors Open at 4pm and the program starts at 4:45pm with our local Honor Guard and Singing of the National Anthem. It's very important that everyone arrives no later then 4:45pm and you should plan to stay or arranged to be picked up at 6pm. 

Where is the baby shower held?
Our annual shower is held in Southern Nevada.  The security and safety of our military families is very important to us so the location of the shower will not be advertised publicly.

How do I know if I’ve been accepted?
You will receive a congratulations email from Operation Boots and Booties. This is letting you know we have received your application.  Our team of volunteers will review your application and the needs of your family. Mothers who are accepted to the shower will be notified 30 days prior to the shower date.  While we'd love to invite everyone who applies we are limited due to space and donations from the community.  The lowest ranking families (those in the most need will be assisted first.)  Please make sure to add our email address operationbootsandbootieslv@outlook.com to your address book.  Our emails are time sensitive, please be sure to check your spam box regularly if you have registered.

My due date is the same date of the shower what do I do if I'm in the labor at the hospital or on bedrest? 

If you are in labor and at the hospital please email us at operationbootsandbootieslv@outlook.com and/or call/text us at 702.521.2751.  We will make arrangements to deliver your items to the hospital or your home.  If you are on bedrest either a spouse or First Shirt can come to the shower to receive/pick up and deliver your gifts.  

We are a one car family, I do not have a ride, I do not have my license?

If you need a ride to the baby shower please email us at operationbootsandbootieslv@outlook.com and we can coordinate getting you a ride to and from the shower location.

What should I bring to the shower?

For those who have already given birth we ask that you bring your newborn with you.  We are expecting your little guy, gal, twins or triplets to attend the shower.  We have plenty of space for strollers as well.  There are lots of volunteers who are “grandma types” who can’t wait to see and hold your little ones.  These military babies are going to get spoiled rotten!  If you are on a nap routine/schedule and you feel it’s best to leave your little one at home that is okay too!  There is no pressure to bring your newborns.  All Military Moms should bring their Military ID and/or VA card. ID is required at check in!

Can I bring a guest with me to the shower?

No guests are allowed at this shower.  We have many deployed wives and fallen military families who do not have the luxury of inviting their spouses to the shower.  So while we would love to meet those fathers who are in town we have a no guest policy.  This means No spouses, No sisters, No friends, No military neighbors, No Coworkers, No moms.  If anyone tries to bring a guest into the shower the guest will be asked to leave/wait outside the ballroom.  We have limited space and want to be able to invite as many military mothers as possible.  The only “guests” allowed are your newborn babies.  Older Siblings are not allowed either. You will be responsible to find your own babysitting.  If you are having a hard time finding childcare for your older children please feel free to email us at operationbootsandbootieslv@outlook.com.  We have a list of high school teenagers who are CPR certified that I can reach out to assist free of charge!  We will have plenty of volunteers available to help you pack up your car to head home after the shower so do not worry about that!

What to wear at the shower?

Many of you just had a baby or are currently pregnant so we want you to be comfortable!. There will be lots of photographs taken during the day so just keep that in mind when planning your wardrobe.
Active Duty, Guard, Reserve Servicewomen: You are welcome to wear your maternity ABU's/ACU's as we have many patriotic backdrop opportunities with you and your babies (Uniform is not required just an easy option for many of you working moms). Civilian attire is okay too!
Military Spouses: You'll find many moms wearing leggings, skirts, sundresses, jeans etc. Try to stay away from sweat pants, PJ's and slippers please!

Will there be photographers at the shower? How do I get the photos?

We have 10 AMAZING professional photographers who will be attending the baby shower.  Three of our photographers will be taking mom/baby bump photos, 3 will be taking beautiful baby photos and 4 will be taking action photos. These photos will be supplied free of charge to you via a photo link that will be emailed to you 14 days after the shower.  This way you can save the photos on Facebook, you can email them to your friends and family, you have full rights to make prints etc.  Trust me these photographers are awesome!

A Military Baby Shower For Local Southern Nevada Military Families